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A personal living experience

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Can you design for the soul as well as for the body? Interweaving poetic intensity and practical function?

We have given a name to this research journey, calling it “Emotional ergonomics”. Objects of common use but with a strong evocative power, through which everyone imagines more than what can be seen. A narrative that traces the
rationality of matter back to the magic of emotions.




Quality Policy

On 24/10/2018 Saba Italia srl joined IDB Group (Italian Design Brands Spa), with the aim of pursuing future continuity to the brand and to the employees which have been working in it for decades, by improving the production, strengthening the distribution.....

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A personal living experience

Saba was established in 1987 in northern Italy near Padua and has, ever since, dedicated its design research to the culture of living. Saba is an all-round feminine brand: from the team spirit that animates it, to the collaborations it selects. It is one of the few companies in the sector...

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