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"Simposio: a talk about desire"

We are pleased to announce the collaboration with Studiopepe: the Milanese creative duo who combine poetic vision and design rigor in a single gesture, who have designed the first seating system collection for Saba.

Interconnection, dialogue and desire, these are the key words in the set-up of Saba's Milanese showroom designed to present the new project "Simposio: a talk about desire”.

The inspiration originates from the atmosphere of a collector's room, where cinematic environments are interpreted in a contemporary key echo.

Simposio is not only a product but above all a place of dialogue, where we imagine a free and spontaneous conversation that comes to life in small or large domestic arenas.

Everything in the exhibition space speaks of dualism, from the juxtaposition of materials, to the chromatic contrasts, up to the vis-à-vis screens on the walls in a continuous cross- reference of quotations. Artworks, photography and video art interventions dialogue through different languages on the theme of desire.

For the occasion, the new sculptural coffee tables Tres by Mut Design are also on display, solidity and lightness become one in an iconic accessory, capable of combining function and art into a single gesture.


Saba Store by Spotti

Viale Piave 4, Milan 

Set-up can be visited until May 30th 2024


Project by Studiopepe

Set up Costanza Manzoni

Video Art Flavio Pescatori



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Date: 24-04-2024