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Saba was established in 1987 in northern Italy near Padua and has, ever since, dedicated its design research to the culture of living. Saba is an all-round feminine brand: from the team spirit that animates it, to the collaborations it selects. It is one of the few companies in the sector to be guided by a woman entrepreneur who, with her overall vision and material aesthetic, has led the company to success by means of a keen creative sensibility and a humanistic approach to business.


Saba is a tale of thirty years of projects, founded on three simple principles: freedom, as a vital value of humankind, that has accompanied us in the search for flexible forms. Poetry, teacher and educator in the harmony of form and the beauty of color; and lastly memory, ethical guide so that a product accompanies us over time, through the search for durable quality materials aimed at perfecting the concept of comfort. “A personal living experience” is not just a simple slogan, but a genuine mood, an approach that has become an entrepreneurial adventure. A limited number of projects whose value, however, has grown over time, strengthening our identity.

The necessity to give meaning to the objects that we produce has accompanied us since always: through a sofa one can communicate ideas on life and visions on existence. For this reason, collections are conceived to guarantee a freedom without limits. With these, all is feasible: working, loving, welcoming, dreaming, in a way that we can rephrase continuously, by applying many variations.
We think of them as flexible, they surrender to the different needs that tend to change throughout the course of a lifetime. Just like in a love story, we establish new relationships with them, through simple and human gestures aimed at defining new creative experiences of the concept of relax.
We love them profoundly, as they keep alive the idea of seduction through infinite possibilities of change. They have the power to create layouts by transforming and in this, I see poetry and magic. This is how Saba concentrates its creative effort, helping consumers to cultivate long lasting connections with our products, as timelessness becomes an essential requirement also for the concept of sustainability.


Saba, maintaining the centrality of comfort, wants to be a reality that is always open to inclusivity and diversity. The partnership with Antonio Marras was born from the desire to communicate culture and creativity through artistic collaborations. His aesthetic vocabulary guides the spectator through a new experience, where boundaries no longer exist between man, clothes and the home.

What distinguishes Saba is its unmistakable way of combining every shape to the poetry of color as well as its dedication to high quality textile. Garments, just like interior spaces, are a part of our research, we select fabrics imagining soft sensorial experiences, combining colors and visual practices that these can create. Color cannot be explained through theory, but it needs to find a deeper meaning in poetry just like in aesthetics. Color choice is never random, the aim is to always create harmony and find balance while respecting the object’s form and nature.
Saba’s designs are tailor-made: the company offers the possibility of choosing among a vast choice of textiles and different esthetical languages, giving the customer the opportunity of completely personalizing his Saba product.
Saba does not choose a style, it chooses the beauty that lies within each style, and interprets it with a smile.

In October 2018 Saba becomes part of the Italian Design Brands (IDB) group. The IDB model aims to work alongside the companies in order to maximize their potential on an international scale and to represent Italian interior design excellence and craftsmanship worldwide.