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Teatro Magico

Teatro Magico, the first Saba table designed by the architecture studio 967Arch, is a scenic backdrop for the domestic and contract environment. A curtain that opens and closes in dialogue with multiple domestic scenarios.

The softness of the fabric, reinterpreted in the base of the table, alludes to the very essence of the company, that has, since always, been able to narrate the textile component through color combinations that generate a recognizable and refined atmosphere.

The table unites, it brings together, it collects.

It is both a meeting point and a starting point.

Teatro Magico is a new chapter in which Saba narrates of the table object through its aesthetic codes.

The Teatro Regio in Turin, a visionary and extraordinarily beautiful work by the architect Carlo Mollino, is the ideal stage for the debut of Teatro Magico.

Directed by Motel409
Dop Federico Teoldi
1st Ac Simone Mazzoleni
Keygrip Daniele De Piccoli
Gaffer Edoardo Mirabella
Colorist Claudio Beltrami
Post Marco Ferrario
Performance Nikoline Due Iversen
Music Tiago Saga & Simone Carugati
Violins Andrew Stuart-Buttle
Pianos Mattia Corda
Produced by Motel409
Location Teatro Regio Torino
Suit Erika Cavallini
Shoes Fratelli Rossetti