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Cime, the hand-knotted carpet collection crafted with the pibiones tecnique, designed by Zanellato/Bortotto and made in collaboration with the textile laboratory of Mariantonia Urru, is the protagonist of the new Saba emotional campaign

The collection stems from the desire to use the material of which a carpet is made of as a canvas to express company values, that is the concept of memory and poetry. To link the memory of the past, made of artisanal traditions to be preserved, to contemporary aesthetics, was the theme entrusted to the creative duo.

The Cime carpets become places for narrating of stories and traditions and are told through a "sheep-dyed" wool thread, in which the voice of nature is the protagonist.

The chosen setting for the new emotional campaign is the Giardino Sonoro in San Sperate, Sardinia. Mattia Zoppellaro's images narrate, with an evocative touch, the statuesque and quiet presence of the textile elements that find a home among the engraved sculptures of Pinuccio Sciola. In the alternation of twines, materials and combinations that seem to have always belonged to this magical art space, unexpected and spontaneous harmonies are born.


Creative direction: Alessandra Santi, Motel409
Director: Mattia Zoppellaro
Venue: Giardino Sonoro, San Sperate, Sardinia
Editing & sound: Federico Cataleta
Drone operator: Riccardo Locci
First Assistant: Davide Cirla
Colorist: Giorgia Meacci
Scenography: Campidarte