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Rooms of Soul



Antonio Marras + Saba.


Rooms of Soul is a photography project that embodies powerful poetry and storytelling. It is an intimate and evocative tale that celebrates the partnership between Saba and the Sardinian designer Antonio Marras.

Antonio Marras’s work and his personal visual vocabulary, aim at accompanying the spectator in a new artistic experience, where the confines between people, fashion and the home no longer exist.

Lightness of gesture and the poetic sensibility of Saba's colour palette find numerous points of intersection with Antonio Marras's art, who re-interprets the iconic collection of New York couches, drawing from the charming textile combinations from his pre- collection for autumn-winter 2018/19. Saba through its slight re-adaption of Marras's prints for furnishings, re- proposes maxi flowers, pied-de-poule, tartan and hunting scenes printed on velvet fabrics, linen and woolen cloth.


AD Alessandra Santi + Antonio Marras 
Photography  Daniela Zedda
Flower designer Tonino Serra