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A chair is a chair is a chair



A chair is a chair is a chair” is a site-specific installation designed by Antonio Marras in collaboration with Saba for Salvioni Milano Durini and inaugurated Thursday February 13th 2020. An invitation to conceive a space where people can interact with objects in a unique way.
The “faces” of Antonio Marras accompany the visitors through an imaginary journey of discovery, symbol of harmony between company, artist and space, but also of a certain lightness and color poetry, distinctive traits of Saba and the artist.

Through this project the idea of the lack of boundaries is explored, a characteristic of the contemporary world where the unfinished allows for freedom of transformation and it can all be synthesized in the word dream. The dream as an element of synthesis of the infinite possibilities of contemporary living.

During the opening night the store simultaneously transforms into an intimate site and public space, a cinema and a theatre. Marras and Saba in collaboration with Marco Angelilli, stage a theatric scene loosely based on the film “Gruppo di famiglia di un Interno” by Luchino Visconti. Upon their arrival to discover “A chair is a chair is a chair”, the public transforms into an audience between a living room and a bedroom, where Ferdinando Bruni-Burt Lancaster reads poems that envelop the unexpected “mènage à trois” with romanticism.


Photography: Andrea Bartoloccio

Actors: Ferdinando Bruni, Mauro Cardinali, Marta Malvestiti, Giuseppe Sartori

Thanks to: LaneRossi - GT Design - Catellani & Smith


A chair is a chair | © Saba Italia | All Rights Reserved
A chair is a chair | © Saba Italia | All Rights Reserved
A chair is a chair | © Saba Italia | All Rights Reserved